Because You Need to Know: Monthly News Round-Up for May 2021

A monthly round-up of eDiscovery industry news stories, useful publications, and notable cases of which you should be aware from the preceding month

Welcome to “Because You Need to Know,” XDD’s monthly news round-up.  In these posts, we gather together interesting articles, noteworthy cases, new publications, and XDD materials from the preceding month.  This post gathers items of interest from May 2021.

Industry News Stories

Interesting topics in the news in May included remote matter complications and law firms’ post-pandemic transition plans:

Notable Cases

New eDiscovery cases discussed in May included:

XDD Materials

In May, XDD published a new blog article, a new practice guide, and a new educational webinar:

  • Practice Guide
    • Start Your Engines: New Matter Kickoff Kit – eDiscovery is undeniably challenging.  Data volumes continue to multiply, data types continue to diversify, and data custodians continue to modify their tools and practices.  Couple this daunting set of variables with time-pressure and an adversarial process, and you have a perfect recipe for chaos, uncertainty, and small (but important) things getting missed in the rush to take immediate action.  The reliable way to reduce the risk of such errors is to take the time for careful planning and an effective kick off.  In this Practice Guide, XDD Director of Education Matthew Verga has gathered guidance and reference materials to help you kick off new matters effectively, including: preservation scope, legal hold essentials, and common pitfalls; project planning checklists and custodian interview guidance; key collection and production format considerations; links to additional resources for more information; and, sample questionnaires, forms, and specifications.
  • Educational Webinar
    • Hold On: Get A Grip On Conducting Effective Legal Holds – As the world of eDiscovery expands to include mobile devices, social media, collaboration tools, and more, understanding and conducting effective legal holds is more critical than ever.  Done properly, legal holds set the stage for efficient and accurate matter management.  Conducted without direction, legal holds can become a minefield for litigants.  In this free, one-hour educational webinar, XDD Director of Education Matthew Verga provides you with information to help you navigate that minefield, meet those challenges and achieve effective legal holds for your organization, including: the duty of preservation and its triggers, the elements of an effective legal hold, processes and policies for effective execution, and options for hold issuance and tracking.

As always, we welcome your input regarding future topics for our webinars, articles, and white papers.  Share your interests with us here.

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Matthew Verga is an electronic discovery expert proficient at leveraging his legal experience as an attorney, his technical knowledge as a practitioner, and his skills as a communicator to make complex eDiscovery topics accessible to diverse audiences. A fourteen-year industry veteran, Matthew has worked across every phase of the EDRM and at every level from the project trenches to enterprise program design. He leverages this background to produce engaging educational content to empower practitioners at all levels with knowledge they can use to improve their projects, their careers, and their organizations.

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