Because You Need to Know: Monthly News Round-Up for September 2019

A monthly round-up of industry news stories, useful publications, and notable cases of which you should be aware from the preceding month

Welcome to “Because You Need to Know,” XDD’s monthly news round-up.  In these posts, we gather together interesting articles, noteworthy cases, new publications, and XDD materials from the preceding month.  This post gathers items of interest from September 2019.

Industry News Stories

Interesting topics in the news from September include updates to state discovery rules, new privacy shield enforcement actions, and a leadership transition at ACEDS:

Notable Cases

New eDiscovery cases discussed in September include:

XDD Materials

In September, XDD published nine new blog articles, a new podcast episode, a new practice guide, and a new educational webinar:

  • XDD’s First Chair Podcast
    • Episode 05: Scott Polus on Discovery from Office 365 – Each month, XDD’s First Chair podcast invites one or more guest experts to sit down with XDD Director of Education Matthew Verga, JD, for a 20-30 minute conversation about a single, important eDiscovery topic. In our fifth episode, XDD Regional Vice President of Forensic Services Scott Polus discusses what practitioners need to know about discovery from Office 365.
  • Practice Guide
    • The Main Event: Review Fundamentals – Numerous analyses have established that document review is far and away the most expensive discovery activity, accounting for around half to three quarters of discovery costs and about one quarter of total outside legal fees.  The reason for these significant costs is the irreducible need for qualified people to spend time looking at a significant number of documents to make nuanced determinations about their relevance, their privilege, and much more.  In this free, twenty-one page Practice Guide, XDD Director of Education Matthew Verga, JD, breaks review down into five subparts and discusses the fundamentals practitioners need to know about each: what gets reviewed, for what it gets reviewed, by whom it gets reviewed, workflow design considerations, and quality control fundamentals.
  • Educational Webinar
    • New Notifications: Updates on Social Media in eDiscovery – For better or worse, social media has become an influential, indispensable part of American life, on which more and more of our personal and professional lives take place.  And, as it permeates its way ever deeper into our personal and professional lives, its impact upon discovery is growing in parallel.  New types of ESI are showing up as relevant evidence, being drawn from new social media sources, containing new terminology and symbols, and being used in new types of cases. Unfortunately, the nature, diversity, and volume of social media data present a variety of challenges – both technical and legal – for discovery practitioners, including: challenges in identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, production, and authentication.  In this free, one-hour webinar, XDD Managing Director of Consulting Services Liz Letak, Esq., explores recent developments and new cases related to social media in eDiscovery.

As always, we welcome your input regarding future topics for our webinars, articles, and white papers.  Share your interests with us here.

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