Because You Need to Know What You Need to Know, 2018 Year-In-Review Part 1

A year-end round-up of the biggest industry news stories, most useful publications, and most notable cases of which you should be aware from 2018

Happy holidays, and congratulations on making it to the end of 2018!  This year has been a dramatic one in every sense of the word, including in eDiscovery.  Throughout the year, XDD has been rounding up industry news, noteworthy cases, and more in our monthly “Because You Need to Know” posts, and to finish out the year, we have put together a special year-in-review article series and webinar program discussing the biggest developments and most interesting cases from across 2018.

The Year in Our Educational Program

Throughout 2018, XDD has offered written and oral educational resources on a wide range of discovery topics, including a new educational webinar program each month, more than five dozen new blog articles, and nine new white papers and practice guides.  In total, this year’s webinars garnered over 3,100 total registrations, and our library of white papers and practice guides garnered over 4,300 total downloads.  In combination, this data reveals that our top five most popular educational topics of 2018 were:

  1. Social Media
  2. Mobile Devices
  3. Legal Holds
  4. Proportionality
  5. Program Management

Most of these results are not surprising given the continually growing importance of social media and mobile device sources and the perennial problems associated with legal holds (and preservation generally).  The popularity of the program management topic was a pleasant surprise, suggesting that more practitioners and organizations are starting to think proactively about how they handle eDiscovery across matters and over time.

We are working now on plans for our 2019 educational content, and if you’d like to tell us the topics on which you’d most like educational content next year, you can let us know your thoughts by filling out our 2019 XDD Educational Webinar Topic Survey.  It gathers input on a range of topics, on their relative importance, on format preferences, and more.

The Year-In-Review Blog Article Series

After reviewing our monthly news round-ups and tabulating the most frequently occurring topics, two major topical areas stood out: privacy issues and new source challenges.  On the privacy issues topic, this year saw the advent of the GDPR, the second review of the Privacy Shield, new state-level data privacy laws, and more.  On the new sources topic, this year saw the continued growth of social media and mobile device sources, as well as the rise of new communication tools, including work collaboration tools and ephemeral messaging tools.  Beyond the headlines, this year also included a wide range of interesting new eDiscovery cases, including a cluster on spoliation sanctions, a cluster on proportionality issues, and a few on keyword searching and on technology-assisted review.

In this blog article series, we will review the news from both of these two major topical areas, as well as the most interesting cases from the year and more.

The Year-In-Review Webinar Program

Coming up on Tuesday, December 18th, at 1:00 PM EST, we will be co-presenting a one-hour educational program, with our partners at ACEDS.  For this program, we will have a panel of experts from XDD addressing the range of major topics and cases from 2018:

  • XDD Chief Legal Officer Kate Mortensen, Esq., will discuss GDPR, the Privacy Shield, and other data privacy developments
  • XDD RVP of Forensic Services Scott Polus, CCE, will discuss challenges of mobile and social sources, as well as the rise of ephemeral messaging
  • XDD Director of Education Matthew Verga, JD, will discuss new cases on proportionality, spoliation, TAR, and more

Watch this and other on-demand webinars now.

Upcoming in this Series

In the next Part of this series, we will review the privacy-related developments from 2018, including the advent of GDPR, the renewal of the Privacy Shield, and more.

About the Author

Matthew Verga

Director of Education

Matthew Verga is an electronic discovery expert proficient at leveraging his legal experience as an attorney, his technical knowledge as a practitioner, and his skills as a communicator to make complex eDiscovery topics accessible to diverse audiences. A fourteen-year industry veteran, Matthew has worked across every phase of the EDRM and at every level from the project trenches to enterprise program design. He leverages this background to produce engaging educational content to empower practitioners at all levels with knowledge they can use to improve their projects, their careers, and their organizations.

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