XDD Co-Sponsors Pittsburgh 2014 Judicial Roundtable on Technology Assisted Review

The Pittsburgh 2014 Judicial Roundtable on Technology-Assisted Review

Recently, Xact Data Discovery was pleased to co-sponsor the June 2014 Judicial Roundtable in Pittsburgh, jointly presented by the Federal Bar Association and Friends of E-Discovery. The CLE event featured an in-depth discussion by a panel of federal judges, offering a unique judicial perspective on the use of technology-assisted review. Much of the exchange centered on proportionality considerations, which seem to be at the core of most judicial analysis when it comes to the use of technology-assisted review.

One interesting twist to the discussion was an examination of how some of the proposed amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure will impact existing case law regarding the use of technology-assisted review. The panel’s consensus was that these changes may solidify the proportionality analysis set forth in the line of cases that have addressed the issue in the past couple of years.

It was interesting to hear the judges’ perspectives on these important issues, as well as to gain some practical input on how today’s e-discovery tools can realistically be put to work in a defensible manner to accomplish the task that is e-discovery review and production in the age of big data. I always enjoy events like these, and we at Xact look forward to our next opportunity to help shepherd our existing and potential clients through the complex electronic discovery process.


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