What’s New in Relativity 9.1

What’s New in Relativity 9.1

By Carl Chivers


kCura’s Relativity document review application has been Xact Data Discovery’s flagship hosting platform, practically since the product’s initial introduction. We quickly recognized the superiority of Relativity and moved to ensure our clients had access to the best available technology for discovery and review. XDD invests heavily in the continued training and development of our staff, who work closely with our clients to help them get the most from the platform.

As an Orange Level Best-in-Service Relativity partner, Xact Data Discovery follows each new Relativity product release carefully. We are especially pleased with one of the newest releases, v9.1. Relativity 9.1 includes some important new features that we’re excited to share with our clients. In addition to a redesigned interface that offers a clean, bolder new look, Relativity 9.1 is browser agnostic, or what we call a cross-platform browser application.

Earlier versions of Relativity were designed around an ActiveX viewer and could only be used in Internet Explorer. As more users have migrated to a wider variety of browsers, it became cumbersome to use Relativity as it wasn’t supported in other platforms. Now, clients using Mac and other products are able to employ Relativity seamlessly – whether in IE, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

XDD has chosen to continue standardizing on the ActiveX viewer as this does still offer advantages. In particular, IE can talk to a Microsoft operating system, which allows a user to print directly out of Relativity. HTML viewers cannot print, though users in other browsers can save to PDF and then print when necessary. Using the IE version as our standard helps to simplify this process for XDD clients.

We’re certain our Relativity clients will benefit from this latest version of the popular hosting platform. Having said that, XDD is already looking ahead to implementation of Relativity 9.2 which offers some interesting “cluster visualization” tools to help make e-discovery even more intuitive. Watch for additional updates in the coming months.

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