BlackBar™ – Excel® Native Redaction Tool

BlackBar Excel Redaction Tool

In the world of eDiscovery, everyone knows working with Microsoft Excel files can be a bear.  To optimize the typically cumbersome process, XDD developed XDD-BlackBar.

An integral component of the XDD-360 Technology Suite, XDD BlackBar™ is XDD’s proprietary Excel Native Redaction Tool that empowers users to redact, produce and track Microsoft Excel files in native format to minimize time, cost and errors while optimizing project workflows

Fully integrated into our Relativity review platform, BlackBar is a fully defensible process that tracks all actions performed within the system. Its adaptable design fits into different workflows seamlessly, while providing full administrative and redaction functions within an easy to use interface. Users can define custom colors and patterns for redaction and redact within individual cells.

BlackBar Features

  • Natively redact XLS files within the tool
  • Optimize traditional workflow productions
  • Produce newly redacted XLS files in Native File Format
  • Forever banish the need to TIFF XLS files

Download BlackBar Brochure

BlackBar Case Study – Accelerating Spreadsheet Redactions with XDD BlackBar

Read case study comparing BlackBar Excel Native Redaction Tool time and cost savings to antiquated TIFF processes.

View Case Study

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