CLE Training

CLE learning starts with listening

Whether basic or advanced, obtaining ongoing eDiscovery CLE training should be an important component of all legal practitioners’ lives.  As part of XDD’s commitment to educating our customers, employees and markets, we offer a variety of CLE training assets in multiple formats including; webinars, articles, white papers and beyond.

To help bolster your EQ (eDiscovery Quotient), feel free to request, download and use any of the following training assets as defined within the “CLE Training Asset” section. While CLE assets are labeled as such, you may need to submit the asset in your state and / or jurisdiction to obtain credits. While XDD may not be able to “approve” CLE credits ad hoc, we may be able to assist in communicating or streamlining the process.

3rd Party CLE Training Assets

While XDD offers many valuable CLE training assets, we also use 3rd party asset to master our professions.  Feel free to click any of the items below to download and view.


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Discovery starts with listening.

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