Data Hosting and Review

A room with a review

Well, actually several rooms, with several reviewers in multiple locations. In order to review data, it first needs a place to live. XDD Data Hosting and Review services enable clients to access, discover, analyze, review and share information via a highly secure environment.

Clients can expand architectures, share associated costs and distribute data and relevant communications quickly and effectively to remote users, branch offices or co-counsel.  From long-term archiving to active online review, XDD Data Hosting and Review services provide clients with 24/7 access online via our highly-secure, tier 4 data center in Dallas, Texas.

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Experience “BlackBar™” – Excel® Native Redaction Tool from XDD

In the world of eDiscovery, everyone knows working with Microsoft Excel files can be a bear. With that in mind, XDD has recently developed BlackBar™, a new, proprietary Native Redaction Tool that empowers users to redact and produce Microsoft Excel files in native format to minimize time, cost and errors.BlackBar.Logo

Fully integrated into our Relativity review platform, BlackBar is a fully defensible process that tracks all actions performed within the system. Its adaptable design fits into different workflows seamlessly, while providing full administrative and redaction functions within an easy to use interface. Users can define custom colors and patterns for redaction and redact within individual cells.


Relativity Review Platform

XDD is a Relativity Premium Hosting Partner. As a Premium Hosting Partner, XDD licenses Relativity directly and hosts it in our secure Data Center. XDD maintains the hardware, infrastructure and personnel necessary to support Relativity in a secure 24×7 hosted environment.   

Released in 2007, Relativity has steadily built a following among the largest law firms and corporate clients due to its wide range of features and functions. It can range from a highly complex database system and coding tool to a very simple first-pass review tool, the details of which can be learned in 10-15 minutes. Relativity Best In Service Orange RGB 300ppi

kCura has been a trusted XDD partner for 10+ years, helping us conduct thousands of legal reviews using its industry-leading Relativity platform. XDD presently maintains Relativity Orange-level Best in Service status, having earned the prestigious award in 2015 and again in 2016. In parallel with being a gold sponsor at kCura RelativityFest in 2015, XDD also combines forces with kCura in multiple markets nationwide to provide Relativity training to customers and prospects.

Relativity Features & Benefits

  • Extremely configurable and secure web-based review tool
  • Ability to function as a “high-power” database application or a “slimmed down” review tool based on the configuration
  • Increased productivity through customizing the application for the individual
  • Ability be configured and locked down by user or group
  • Compatible with advanced security protocols such as RSA
  • Safety of never copying data to a local machine; instead it streams images to memory rather than writing to cache
  • More consistency in review decisions through visual indications of related documents (attachment families and duplicates)
  • Accelerated review through automated workflow
  • Huge capacity, easily handles millions of e-documents or paper documents
  • Advanced Native File Viewer allows review of images without rendering to TIFF, PDF or HTML
  • TIFF-on-the-Fly capability
  • Complete Production History tracking
  • 100% Unicode compliance (foreign character set handling), whether viewing, annotating, coding or searching
  • Relativity Analytics, a complete set of conceptual search, clustering and near-duplicate detection tools

Relativity Product Brochures

XDD Industry-Specific Services and Expertise

To complement our core eDiscovery services and as a result of the recent acquisition of Orange Legal Technologies, XDD now provides highly-specialized services within the following industry sectors. XDD employs specially-trained staff within each sector to assist our clients with discovery related needs.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical Practice Group has extensive experience with and understanding of ANDA, Paragraph IV, First to File (FTF) as well as industry terminology and associated privilege/confidentiality issues. This knowledge, combined with extensive training and knowledge creates what we believe to be the most effective and efficient Pharma review teams available today.

Financial Services Industry

The Financial Services Practice Group was created to help our financial services and banking customers address the specific needs and challenges associated with Securities Litigation, Government Investigations and Regulatory Issues.

Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas Practice Group provides managed document review services specific to the oil and gas industry. We’ve built strong relationships with some of the largest providers of intellectual property in oil and gas, providing customized eDiscovery and document review services.

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