Forensics- Cyber Security Investigations and Expert Witness

Not all expert witnesses are created equal.

Our cyber security team of Digital Forensics & eDiscovery Expert Witnesses know how to investigate a case from every angle to ensure we anticipate and answer the argument before it is raised in a court of law. You only have one chance to make a first impression and with our eDiscovery, web hosting and production services, your expert witnesses and attorneys will enjoy XDD’s organized layout and storage of legal eDiscovery documents.

With cyber crimes on the rise, rulings are based on presented technical evidence that requires an explanation to attorneys, judges and seated juries. Our cyber security expert witnesses can effectively communicate in a manner that is easy to understand for legal teams and juries.

Through organized and expertly prepared reports, depositions, testifying, technical advising, and witness preparation comes easy for our team. The team’s law enforcement background provide unique insight for a wide variety of legal cases, including patent infringement, identity theft and fraud, cyber security due diligence, and false claims and filings – many of which involve large monetary damages or potential damages.

Our expert witness digital forensic services are available to both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

International Support and Compliance

XDD has collected data for the purposes of litigation from several different countries, including those in the EU, UK, and Asia. This is done with our US based examiners, through our India office, or through partnerships when necessary. XDD is compliant with the updated Privacy Shield program, which replaced our previous compliance with the SafeHarbor Program. When XDD doesn’t have the requisite privacy compliance or certification available, such as with Turkey’s new DPA, we will partner with a local provider and use a local counsel to put in place appropriate clauses to demonstrate our security and safe handling of private and personal data.

While XDD collects data from the EU and Asia on a regular basis, much of this has now shifted to our SaaS or remote tools. For many collections, especially non-criminal, collecting data via a remote application or cloud-deployed offering is defensible, compliant with the Privacy Shield framework, and tremendously more cost effective than having someone physically onsite.

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