Forensics – Collections and Professional Services

XDD Collection and Professional Services provide law firms and corporations with proven, world-class computer forensic expertise to help clients investigate, gather, preserve, recover, analyze and convert electronic data into comprehensible evidence, while maximizing its value and use in court.

Custodian Interviews

Custodian interviews are discussions / interviews conducted with people identified as possible custodians of data or documents potentially relevant to a legal proceeding. XDD conducts custodian interviews throughout the early stages of the forensic process.

Computer User Profiling

A computer user profile is a visual display of personal data associated with a specific user, or a customized desktop environment to help identify a user’s activity and anomalies. A computer user profile is produced by following a systematic methodology that uses the best tools for each portion of an investigation.

Data Preservation & Storage

One of the key obligations during eDiscovery is data preservation. Our team works with you to identify, preserve and securely store data that may need to be produced during litigation or pursuant to an investigation.

Forensics Data Collection – Onsite and Remote

Whether performed onsite or remotely, Forensic Data Collection is the first step for defensible eDiscovery. XDD’s forensic experts are ACE, EnCE and CCE certified. XDD also maintains private investigator licenses in Texas, Michigan and California.

Data Recovery

Sometimes data needs to be recovered from damaged drives or restored after a disaster. XDD can provide a solution.

International Support and Compliance

XDD has collected data for the purposes of litigation from several different countries, including those in the EU, UK, and Asia. This is done with our US based examiners, through our India office, or through partnerships when necessary. XDD is compliant with the updated Privacy Shield program, which replaced our previous compliance with the SafeHarbor Program. When XDD doesn’t have the proper and immediate privacy compliance or certification available, such as with Turkey’s new DPA, we will partner with a local provider and use a local counsel to put in place appropriate clauses to demonstrate our security and safe handling of private and personal data.

While XDD collects data from the EU and Asia on a regular basis, much of this has now shifted to our SaaS or remote tools. For many collections, especially non-criminal, collecting data via a remote application or cloud-deployed offering is defensible, compliant with the Privacy Shield framework, and tremendously more cost effective that have someone physically onsite.


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