Alternative Legal Services (ALS)

As law firms and corporations explore ways to minimize costs associated to mundane, onerous tasks and processes, Alternative Legal Services provide an efficient, cost-effective and scalable alternative solution for clients.

Provided through sister company, Orange Research Group (ORG), Alternative Legal Services help corporations and law firms optimize their litigation and contract management initiatives.  Comprised of a diverse blend of highly trained attorneys, financial professionals, statisticians, writers and editors, ORG Alternative Legal Services provide clients with advanced interpretation and recommendations to strengthen overall document value.

ORG Alternative Legal Services provide clients with legal document research, analysis and interpretation that go beyond traditional managed review.  ORG Alternative Legal Services provide clients with strategic insight, analysis and recommendations to help them optimize the value of discovery data, while adhering to corporate compliance, statutory and governance requirements.

Litigation Support

  • Fact checking, standardizing legal citations, preparing exhibits, reviewing depositions

Contracts Management

  • Collect and organize documents
  • Flag contracts for client review
  • Ongoing document management

Due Diligence Review and Integration

  • Pre-merger and acquisition document review
  • Merger and acquisition document review, organization and management
  • Post-merger document integration, organization, management, and communications


  • Data entry, compilation, and integration
  • Internal documentation review
  • HR policy creation

Research, Writing, and Editing

  • Blog article writing and publication
  • 50-State surveys
  • Document proofing

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About Orange Research Group

A wholly owned subsidiary of Xact Data Discovery (XDD), Orange Research Group (ORG) is an innovative Alternative Legal Services Provider (ALSP) that provides on-demand, scalable Legal Process Outsourcing services to help clients optimize cumbersome, time-consuming legal and business functions.

In short – we do all the critical,  behind-the-scenes, detailed things organizations [and eDiscovery providers] don’t have the time or desire to do

Comprised of savvy attorneys, paralegals, financial professionals, statisticians, writers and editors, ORG provides an on-demand, scalable and highly-trained workforce that enable organizations to optimize litigation, contracts management, due diligence, legal processes, compliance and other legal and business functions.

Whether you prefer email, text or carrier pigeons, we’re always available.

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