XDD Launches E-Discovery Classroom for Ralph Losey’s E-Discovery Team Training Program

Xact Data Discovery Launches E-Discovery Classroom for Ralph Losey’s E-Discovery Team Training Program

Mission, Kansas – July 25, 2011 – Xact Data Discovery (XDD), an international leading provider of data discovery and management services to law firms, corporations and government agencies is proud to announce that it has launched an online E-Discovery Classroom in support of Ralph Losey’s E-Discovery Team Training Program,www.e-discoveryteamtraining.com.

Ralph Losey, a career lawyer, writer, and educator, developed the online E-Discovery Team Training Program which includes eighty-four law school proven classes.  The classes are taught by Losey, industry experts, and leading jurists in the e-Discovery arena.  The online legal training in this program takes anywhere from 75 to over 400 hours of work to complete, depending upon how much of the supplemental assigned materials a student completes.  The program is an outgrowth and extension of the three-credit course on Electronic Discovery Law that Losey teaches at the University of Florida (although the two are not affiliated).

“There are literally tens of thousands of lawyers, paralegals, techs, judges, law students, professors, and others that need to learn more about electronic discovery,” said Losey.  “I have been writing and working on e-discovery education for many years. This is a career passion for me, a near obsession.”

“The Vendor participation program we set up to support our E-Discovery Team Training Programis a new wiki-economics type collaboration where we tap the expertise of the world’s top e-discovery vendors,” according to Losey.  “I am thrilled that Xact Data Discovery agreed to support our education efforts by developing an excellent E-Discovery educational classroom and by making their E-Discovery expertise available to our students. I have no doubt that our students will find the classroom to be informative and full of practical application techniques for the information learned in our courses.  Xact Data Discovery did a top notch job.”

Jill Pace, Vice President of Business Development for Xact Data Discovery, oversaw and contributed to the development of XDD’s E-Discovery classroom.  “As an organization, we have always been passionate about providing a very consultative approach to our client’s e-discovery matters to assist them in identifying the most cost effective, efficient, and defensible approach to electronically stored information (ESI) in the discovery process.  Education has been a critical component to that approach, so developing this classroom was a natural fit for us,” said Pace.  “We gathered our best and brightest within our organization whose backgrounds include:  attorney, litigation support, paralegal, large law firm, service provider, and corporate legal department expertise.  We developed this classroom from scratch with a strong emphasis on how to practically apply the information learned in the E-Discovery Team Training Program. “

Bob Polus, President and CEO of XDD, was equally enthusiastic about the effort.  “With 98% of all business records being created electronically, it is critical that we educate the bar on how to properly handle electronic data throughout the discovery process.  We developed over seventy-five pages of content with an eye on trying to make the topic “fun and interesting” as well as include tips for practical application of the information learned.  XDD receives no compensation for this educational site. It was created by us to educate and assist the legal community we serve,” remarked Polus.

About Xact Data Discovery

Xact Data Discovery (XDD) is an international Data Discovery and Management company providing streamlined Forensic, Processing, Hosting, Document Review, Project Management, Imaging & Coding and Paper Discovery services to law firms, corporations and government agencies.  At Xact Data Discovery, communication is everything—because clients need to know where their data is throughout the entirediscovery life cycle—as well as understand the valuable information and knowledge they can obtain from it.

Through its international presence and ongoing technical training for clients, XDD streamlines the complex communication processes between people, technology and data by orchestrating proactive, clear and consistent communication throughout all project phases.   Via the company’s personable “human-interface” approach, XDD helps clients and their customers find, produce, understand and use information crucial to their organizations.

About Ralph Losey

Ralph Losey is a partner and national e-discovery counsel for a national law firm.  Ralph is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Florida College of Law, the author of four books on electronic discovery published by West Thomson and the ABA, and numerous legal articles.

Ralph has been in private practice since 1980 and has limited his work to e-discovery since 2006.  Ralph is also the publisher and principle contributor to the popular e-DiscoveryTeam.com blog and is a frequent speaker at conferences and CLEs around the country.

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