SideBar – Where everybody knows your game

SideBar™ is a virtual meeting place that brings together legal minds to discuss topics of interest in casual, short video format.  Tended by XDD Legal Mixologist, Josh Peterson, SideBar inspires genuine, 5-minute conversations about the things that really matter behind the matters – about life, people and law.

Hosted virtually in a friendly, bar-like atmosphere twice per month, SideBar provides legal practitioners with a cool, professional place to hang out, express their thoughts and build their personal brands.

SideBar  – Where everybody knows your game

Watch SideBar Episode 9

Interview with Amy Smedley
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel at Huntsman Corporation
June 16, 2021

This week’s featured patron is Amy Smedley. Ms. Smedley is Vice President & Deputy General Counsel at Huntsman Corporation. Amy has a great story to tell about her inspiring career ascent at Huntsman and her dedication to public service as a business and community leader. The Huntsman family is widely known for giving back to the community as Amy explains in this impactful episode. Refreshingly, working for Huntsman empowers executives like Amy to touch lives though the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and other great charities. You won’t want to miss this episode of Sidebar.


Watch SideBar Episode 8

Interview with Jeana Goosmann
Founder and Partner of Goosmann Law Firm
May 19, 2021

This week’s featured patron is Jeana Goosmann. Ms. Goosmann is the founder and CEO of Goosmann Law Firm and author of the best selling book “Worth It.” Her firm helps business leaders with disputes, protect their wealth and spend time on what’s worth it. Jeana personally acts as a general counsel to company presidents, CEOs and corporate executives. In this interview you will see the clarity of vision for her firm which is one of the top 100 fastest growing law firms the past 4 years. Jeana is joined by Joel Carney who is the managing parter of the largest office in Omaha, Nebraska. Joel is now transitioning into a new role of Chief People Officer. Mr. Carney is a people person, and a lot of fun as you’ll note in this high energy interview.


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