Episode // September 19, 2017

Data Targeting During Collection and Processing – Data Targeting Series, Part 2

We review the data targeting options you have during collection and processing phases. The right data can be targeted during the collection phase depends on the specific devices and systems you are collecting from. Once materials are collected and you are ready to process the data, another range of data targeting options is available to you. In addition to standard removal of known system files, duplicate files and messages, there are several filtering options you can dive into.

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Episode // September 26, 2017

ECA Options and Planning Considerations – Data Targeting Series, Part 3

During early case assessment (ECA), case teams have a powerful set of tools at their disposal for data targeting prior to review. Your goal should be to understand the specifics of the options for source systems and discovery tools so you can assess what will be most useful in each specific project and how aggressive you should be in your overall targeting efforts. Read on to learn more about data targeting tools that can be used prior to review.

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