Episode // January 15, 2019

Key Activities and Common Tools, Processing Fundamentals Series Part 2

Broadly speaking, there are four main activities that take place during processing: expansion, extraction and normalization, indexing, and objective culling. In this Part, we will discuss the first three of these activities, review how decisions made during them can affect later discovery activities, and touch on some of the tools commonly used to complete them.

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Episode // January 22, 2019

Common Exceptions and Special Cases, Processing Fundamentals Series Part 3

Almost every processing effort encounters at least a few exceptions during processing that cannot be handled without some manual intervention (if they can be handled at all). Additionally, certain source types are special cases that routinely require custom work to process. The handling of these exceptions and special cases can affect both project costs and the completeness of your data set.

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Episode // January 24, 2019

Objective Culling Options, Processing Fundamentals Series Part 4

Processing also includes several types of objective culling that are used to reduce the amount of material that must be worked with throughout the subsequent phases of a discovery project, saving both time and money. The objective culling options commonly employed during processing are de-NISTing, deduplication, and content filtering.

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Episode // January 29, 2019

Some Final Steps and Key Takeaways, Processing Fundamentals Series Part 5

In addition to the core activities of expansion, extraction, normalization, indexing, and objective culling that we have already discussed, there can be a variety of additional steps required during processing to prepare the materials for subsequent early case assessment, review, and production activities, including: creating custom fields, TIFF images, and load files; and performing some form of quality control validation.

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