XDD Difference

At XDD, communication is a two-way street

Well, actually it’s more like a 5-way intersection in downtown Manhattan during rush hour, but who’s counting.  Regardless, discovery is complex work.  With all the disparate technologies, data and people involved, making sure they are tightly integrated across all fronts is critical to your organization, and your client’s. While technology, speed, accuracy and security are all integral components of a solid discovery machine, what’s most important is how they all communicate together.

And that takes people. Highly talented people who know how to communicate – proactively, collaboratively and clearly throughout all project phases before, during and after your matters are completed. Whether via phone, email, in-person or other medium, precision communication permeates our culture – orchestrated by focused leadership, and executed by the entire company at all levels.

In short, communication is the catalyst that makes matters happen.

Engage with XDD, we’re ready to listen.

We make grit happen

Grit is the intangible force that drives people to excellence through determination and an undying spirit to achieve the impossible.  You can’t teach grit.  Either you have it or you don’t.  At XDD, true grit is the difference between getting a project done – and getting it done right.  It’s baked in our cultural DNA.  It permeates our entire company.  And it’s contagious with our customers and clients.

So, the next time you’re considering who to partner with for an eDiscovery or data management project, ask your vendor if they have the grit to get it done right.

Then give us a call.

Open Communication

Clear, collaborative and precision communication orchestrated between people, processes, technology and data to optimize project results

Exemplary Customer Service

Proactive, consistent and relentless customer service experienced before, during and after matters are completed throughout all integrated internal and external teams

True Grit

The intangible, yet powerful force that drives our people to excellence through determination and an undying spirit to achieve the impossible for clients

Precision Collaboration

Proactive, honest and meticulous collaboration in written, spoken and in-person mediums throughout all project phases to define and clarify expectations

Acute Listening

Open, empathic and active listening to truly understand the tangible and intangible factors clients need prior, during and after projects are completed

Integrated Project Teams (PODS)

Integrated and knowledgeable project manager, production, sales and technical teams assigned to collaborate together on your specific projects from start to finish

XDD-360 Technology Suite

The XDD-360 Technology Suite accelerates and optimizes client matter results by integrating proprietary technology with our core service offerings

Genuine People

Professionals with engaging personas that understand technology is only as good as the people and personalities behind it

Ongoing Education

Powerful educational webinars, white papers, practice guides and blog articles to help clients master the mechanics on multiple subjects to optimize their organizations and careers

True 24 / 7 Domestic and International Support

True 24 / 7 domestic and international project support teams trained and knowledgeable on your specific matters to keep things moving without missing a step

Cost Predictability

Clearly defined and structured statements of work that set expectations, define deliverables and accurately estimate project costs upfront


Whether you prefer email, text or carrier pigeons, we’re always available.

Discovery starts with listening.

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