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Culture. Atmosphere. Aura.  Whatever you call it, working at XDD is inspiring.  Our leadership team plays an integral, hands-on role working alongside all employees to align individual career aspirations with corporate initiatives. Goals, expectations and priorities are clearly defined and communicated, all within an atmosphere of open, honest communication.

At XDD, grit is the intangible force that drives our people to excellence through determination and an undying spirit to achieve the impossible.  You can’t teach grit.  Either you have it or you don’t.  Grit is the difference between getting a project done – and getting it done right.  It’s baked in our cultural DNA.  It permeates our entire company.  And it’s contagious with our customers and clients.


As an XDD eDiscovery Project Manager, your primary role will be orchestrating precision communication with clients, while directing the work of the operational teams to accomplish their needs.  Via leadership from Senior and Lead Project Managers, the eDiscovery Project Manager supports XDD client’s day-to-day needs. Understanding review databases, data processing, load files, export format and how to setup and manage exports of data are key – coupled with advanced Relativity knowledge.

  • Tiered POD system from Director down to Jr PMs – built to service entire sets of clients, not individual matters.
  • Shared email, PM system and resources, no single point of contact.  Entire team works to push clients forward.
  • Support from 100+ person team in processing / operations to get the job done – PM’s provide the communication and the direction.  100% focused on communication, internally and externally.
  • Standard work-day – 40-45 hour work week, shifted schedules ranging from 8am – 10pm CST – overnight support is staffed. XDD wants your best during your shift, not after hours.
  • Strong leadership team that constructively works with you to provide growth opportunities, continual review of workload, performance and goals.
  • Open time off policy, Competitive compensation, 401K and great benefit package

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