XDD Remote Managed Review Services

XDD has the capability to take our reviewer experience remote when required.  Doing so enables our 400+ review attorneys to conduct review projects remotely via a highly-secured VM (virtual machine) network connected directly to our XDD data center in Dallas, TX.   Mirroring same configurations, processes and security protocols; remote reviewers login to the system via a secured, encrypted connection and conduct reviews accordingly, providing the same level of quality reviews for clients.

  • All XDD reviewers use the same VM software they utilize in our review centers via the same thin-client equipment which is checked out upon necessity to move to remote contingency
  • This provided the same security and tools to conduct reviews – whether performed onsite or remote
  • Via an encrypted connection, all reviews are run within our secured datacenter in Carrollton, TX
  • All actions are logged and monitored via VM logging, Relativity history, and our proprietary XDD Esquify Workforce Management Platform
  • Reviewers cannot copy, paste and / or transfer data outside the system in any way
  • Reviewers are only provided access to Relativity, Esquify and office applications to open native files on the VM – not locally – and do not have access to any other systems, websites or local data shares even within the VM
  • Proxy servers are used for all external connections, with all logs protected by access control
  • Reviewers are logged off automatically when idle per XDD standard security protocols / timing
  • Auto log off idle timeout per XDD standard security protocol from all offices
  • Reviewers use a Secure Tunnel connection from external XDD owned Laptop / ThinClient to a Virtual machine
  • Only necessary ports are open – no public or FTP access
  • No USB devices are allowed to be plugged in or data to be transferred
  • All connections are performed by TLS handshakes
  • XDD on premise Managed Review services can be converted to remote operations with little to no interruption in service or timing

Download XDD Remote Managed Services Documentation


From login to completion, all reviewer activity and output are closely monitored by our review team leaders via our XDD Esquify Workforce Management Platform.  Esquify’s patented technology platform enables our review team leaders to actively monitor, manage and report all reviewer activity via a live dashboard configured to optimize productivity, workflow, accuracy and results.

  • Monitors work time on the VM directly only when using “approved” software (Relativity, email, office suite to review natives, and Esquify)
  • Displays all reviewers time on task within approved applications and review progress, ensuring no lags in productivity
  • Enables team leaders to view reviewer screens in real-time, with or without notification
  • Takes periodic screenshots for insight into specific work performed
  • Provides communication tools for entire team to share information
  • Provides analytics on performance, review quality and productivity to drive team accountability and efficiency
  • Provides built-in communication and collaboration tools to streamline XDD review team communication, training and expertise

Download XDD Remote Managed Services Documentation



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